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What’s Alpin Loacker All About?

What’s Alpin Loacker All About?

When you are shopping for outdoor apparel, you may be wondering: “What’s Alpin Loacker all about?” You will be glad to know that this Austrian brand’s mission includes sustainability and top quality. The company is committed to environmental causes and donates one euro from every purchase to charity. Their clothing is made without synthetic materials, and they are extremely breathable and soft. Even their bottles and lunch boxes are made from recyclable materials.

About Alpin Loacker

You may be wondering what to buy at Alpin Loacker. Luckily, the company offers an online shopping experience that has plenty to offer. For one thing, they offer discounts on a variety of items. Also, the company is known for its liquidation sales. In addition, the company offers a newsletter filled with the latest fashion trends.

The Austrian company is also known for its sustainable fashion. They donate part of their profits to charitable causes. In 2019, they donated more than EUR10,000 in clothing to the Friends of Laguna, a charity that helps people in impoverished regions of Europe. Recently, the company has launched a new product line and expanded its sales internationally.

Alpin Loacker also offers a 14-30-day return policy. This policy allows you to exchange your purchases for free or discounted merchandise. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can contact customer service via phone, email, or chat.

Company History

The company history of Alpin Loacker starts in 1925 with the founding of a small pastry shop in Bolzano, Italy. In this shop, Alfons Loacker created the first Bolzano wafer, a crispy, thin wafer stuffed with cream. It was a hit and the business soon grew.

The company began distributing branded products in Italy and the Middle East, and later in China and Japan. This increased brand awareness and helped Loacker to gain dominance in the Italian market. In addition to its main retail business, the company also established five Loacker Cafés in the region, a hybrid between a confectionary store and a retail store. These cafes were located in strategic and historically important locations, such as Trento.


Alpin Loacker is an Austrian brand that focuses on top quality, trustworthiness, and sustainability. They donate one euro from every sale to environmental projects, and their clothing uses only natural materials. The clothing contains a high percentage of merino wool, which is both soft and breathable. They also use recycled bottles and lunch boxes to keep their products eco-friendly.


Alpin Loacker, a leading company in the wafer and chocolate specialties industry, has launched a new platform, “More Than Good”, to showcase its commitment to sustainability. This initiative highlights the changes that the brand has made over the last two years, from increasing transparency and traceability of raw materials to introducing new products and recipes. Additionally, the company is adopting a new logo and packaging design that emphasizes its environmental responsibility.

The Loacker team is dedicated to improving its environmental and social impact by reducing its packaging material by 15%. In addition, most of its packaging is recyclable. It also offers consumers a visual representation of the product’s ingredients. In addition, Loacker has redesigned its logo to incorporate the mountain range of the Dolomites into the brand’s brand identity.

In addition to its commitment to sustainability, the Austrian company also sets aside a portion of each sale for environmental projects. For example, the brand has donated clothes worth over EUR10,000 to Friends of Larguta, a non-profit organization that helps poor regions of Europe. The company is also expanding its product line and plans to expand its international reach.


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