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What does Vanish Mode Mean in Facebook Messenger?

What does Vanish Mode Mean in Facebook Messenger?

The New Feature of Facebook: Vanish Mode

Facebook Messenger has launched a new feature: Vanish mode, which users can use to hide or disappear the messages or content sent by them like photos, videos, gifs, smileys, etc.

Facebook vanish mode means messages would disappear after the user has seen the message or automatically after some time, which can be helpful in many ways and has been liked by people as it comes in handy in times of emergencies and for more privacy & safety. 

But it is safe to take advantage of this feature with close friends & families rather than using it with strangers.

Also, the best way to ignore unwanted messages. 

After the message has disappeared it won’t be visible to any of the parties involved in the chat and can also be not recovered or able to get a copy, it vanishes forever unless someone takes a screenshot of the conversation

Limitations of this feature;

Facebook vanish mode does not apply to every chat.

One-on-one chats or individual chats can only be used for the benefit of this feature, but only by those who already had conversions before, not those who are having conversations for the first time. Similarly, requests for vanish mode can’t be sent for new conversations. 

This feature is still not available in many countries, it’s not reached worldwide yet.

How to Turn on or Off the Vanish Mode?

To Turn on:

  • Open the messenger account and open the chat box
  • Choose the conversation to whom vanish mode can be applied
  • Reach the bottom of the chat and swipe up to turn on the Vanish mode on Facebook Messenger App.

To Turn off:

  • Click on the turn-off vanish button available there
  • Or follow up the above instructions again in the same manner


Facebook messenger shows vanish mode notifications in the chat box.

It also provides screenshot notifications to another party if either member of the chat takes a screenshot of the conversation like screen recordings.

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