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Types of wastes and their management techniques

Types of wastes and their management techniques

Due to the growing population and industrial advancement, the amount of waste has increased substantially in these past few years. There are different new ways to collect waste like dump trucks and skip bins because the traditional method of waste collection is no longer workable.  There are different types of waste like fitness centre waste and hospital waste and their collection and disposal are also different. Waste is a word which encompasses various types of material including liquid, solid and all other kinds of wastes. There are a few main types of waste and their waste management techniques are given below.

Solid waste

The solid waste consists of all the material available in a solid form which mainly includes paper, plastics, metals, glass and ceramics and all the things made from these materials are included in solid waste. Solid waste is managed by the method of recycling which refers to the reuse of the material. To recycle solid material the waste material is reprocessed and turned into the raw material and then again processed into the new thing using the raw material of the old thing after cleaning. Solid waste is mostly recycled through physical reprocessing.

Organic waste

Organic waste mainly consists of plants, food scraps and paper products because all of these things have a plant-based origin. Food waste is one of the major problems in the contemporary world as fast-food chains are growing day by day and lots of food is disposed of by them regularly due to which a lot of waste is created as well. Organic waste is mostly decomposed and turned into organic matter after the process of recycling. This organic matter is used as fertilizers in agriculture and can also be used in the making of pet food.

Hazardous waste

Hazardous waste is the waste which consists of harmful material like flammable material, and toxic, corrosive and reactive waste. These items are harmful to the humans and environment as well and can cause serious diseases. These items should be disposed of correctly and only licensed companies are allowed to deal with these types of wastes. Some hazardous wastes can be recycled and some need to be incinerated to dispose of them.

Liquid waste

Liquid waste is the most common waste of households and industries which includes dirty water, organic waste, liquid detergent water and even rainwater. Some liquid waste can be treated in purification plants and can be used again but some liquid wastes are disposed of in the seas as well. 


There is a need to manage waste properly and timely as different wastes are managed and treated by different methods. There is a need to devise rules by governments to ensure proper waste removal as improper waste management can cause health and other environmental pollution issues. One of the most dangerous forms of waste is reactive waste which comes from the nuclear reactor sites as it is very hard to manage and in the wrong hands and its ill proper treatment can cause harm to many.


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