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Home Business Top footwear brands in India 2022; Know how to authenticate shoes

Top footwear brands in India 2022; Know how to authenticate shoes

Top footwear brands in India 2022; Know how to authenticate shoes

Like most businesses, footwear is also an essential section in India. We can say that it is the fuel behind the growth of the whole leather industry in the country. If not wrong, India comes as the next largest country in producing footwear brands after China. 

Now the shoe industry is known to have been de-reserved and de-licensed. The government has permitted a hundred percent FDI into the business of footwear via automatic way. Now you can access the details of the best shoes for your running with numerous offers and deals. 

The exporting of most of the footwear from India goes to countries in Europe and also the United States. Market forces will sustain growth opportunities for Indian footwear in the future. Today, we are going to list down some of the top Indian footwear brands in 2022. 

Some of the top 5 footwear brands in India 2022

Below are some of the top 5 footwear brands in India that you need to know. Starting with:


Adidas is one of the top footwear brands known in India. It was founded in 1949 on August 18 in Germany. Adolf Dassler is the person behind its foundation. The chief executive officer of Adidas is Kasper Rorsted. The footwear company comprises a total workforce of around 57,016, and revenue of around 2,191.5 crores.

Known to be one of the top shoe brands in India, Adidas is a world-famous footwear company known for manufacturing shoes, apparel, and other accessories. Its foundation took place in Germany. Its headquarters are also located in this country. Runtastic, TaylorMade, and Reebok are subsidiary brands of the Adidas group. 

Adidas is also the owner of a German football club, called Bayern Munich. It holds the status of being the largest sportswear producer in Europe. After Nike, if there is any second-largest sports shoe brand in India, then it is Adidas. 


Fila comes as another top footwear brand in India in 2022. Its foundation was laid in Italy by the Fila brothers in 1911. The headquarters of this footwear brand company is located in Seol, South Korea. FILA Holdings is known to be its parent organization. 

Fila India is the license holder of Cravatex Brands Limited, a subsidiary of the Batra Group. Fila began its journey in 1911 at Biella, Italy. The footwear company has made a mark for its high-quality footwear. It is flooded with positive reviews and is highly rated by its users. This makes Fila, one of the top sports shoe brands in India. 


Coming on to the next top shoe brand in India is Woodland. Well, it is not just popular with shoes but is famous clothing and fashion brand. The workforce here is around 10,000. Woodland laid its foundation in 1992. It is a privately-held company, with revenue of around 1,250 crore INR. 

Woodland being the top brand in footwear has a huge fanbase around the globe. And it is all because of its sturdy and durable items in multiple patterns and uneven designs. The footwear company holds a good reputation for its high quality and comprises the top variety of outdoor shoes. The durability of Woodland shoes has reached maximum success and fame all over the globe. Other than shoes, you can also shop for sandals, slippers, boots, and other accessories. 


Joining the list is Liberty. The headquarters of this footwear company is in Karnal, Haryana. It laid its foundation in 1954 and has a revenue of around 1,198 crores USD. Liberty Group is the parent organization of this footwear brand. Liberty is an Indian-based footwear company known for making 50,000 pairs of shoes per day via its manufacturing sites. 

It sells them via numerous multiple brand shops, and showrooms in more than 20 countries. 50 of its showrooms are outside India. Liberty is the top shoe brand in the footwear industry. Till now, it was known for dealing only in leather shoes but now you can buy non-leather shoes also. 


Owned by the Bata family, Bata comes as another top footwear brand in India with 30.5 billion in revenue. It was founded in 1894 on 24th August by Tomas Bata. The headquarters of this shoe company is located in Switzerland. Sandeep Kataria is the chief executive officer of Bata footwear company. Known to be the largest footwear retailer in India, Bata India can be called an Industry champion. 

This company is known for making and supplying accessories other than footwear. It is divided into 3 business units – Bata, Bata Industrials, and AW Lab. Owned by a family, the footwear company is the largest shoemaker in the world in terms of volume. It has 5,300 stores in around seventy countries or beyond. The manufacturing sites of Bata are located in 18 countries.

Impact of counterfeit on brands

Know matter how popular a footwear brand, it can lose its fame due to counterfeits. Consumers might stop referring to the brand they have been admiring for a long. But because of fakes in the market, can dampen the image of the brand. They might switch to some other brand and won’t become a regular buyer of it. 

Blokchi: An anti-counterfeiting technology to authenticate shoes

To help customers become prey to fake brands, there is an initiative anti-counterfeiting by Blokchi, a blockchain-enabled and NFT tagged solution. It provides a track and trace system that controls your products end-to-end from manufacturing to final delivery to customers. 


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