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Top 10 most followers on tiktok in pakistan

Top 10 most followers on tiktok in pakistan

@pinkyfrancis on TikTok

Pinky Francis is a TikTok user from Pakistan who lives in the United Arab Emirates. If you’re looking for famous songs and amusing dialogues, this profile should be your go-to on TikTok for enjoyment. most followers on tiktok in pakistan

Pinky has also worked with her friends and other TikTok users to maximize the platform’s potential and generate undoubtedly entertaining videos.

The star’s fan base is growing by the day, with 2.8 million followers and 40.7 million likes.
Sikandar Zulqarnain

@ch.zulqarnain25 on TikTok

With his over-the-top comic TikTok videos, Zulqarnain has won many hearts. It’s no surprise that his fan base is growing daily because he has exceptional acting talents and a propensity for inventiveness.
The TikTok sensation currently has 5 million followers and 249.1 million likes.
Reeja Jeelani, number four

@reejajeelani’s TikTok ID

Reeja is well-known on TikTok, but she’s also well-known elsewhere., Dubsmash, and Instagram are some of the other platforms where she generates content.

This girl keeps up with the latest trends and is fast to creating her TikTok versions. She understands how to interest her audience with anything from legendary lines to makeup talents.
Reeja’s TikTok channel has 548.5k followers and 5.1 million likes.

  1. Ahmed Pir

@pirahmed on TikTok

Pir Ahmed constantly follows his heart when it comes to providing material for his audience. His admirers adore him because he spends his time crafting TikTok videos that attract their attention. His distinct style includes everything from slow-motion to monologue videos and everything in between.
This Karachiite has 941.3 thousand followers and 17 million likes on his Instagram account.
Khan, Nouman Rizwan

@bboyjonty on TikTok

Nouman is all about Bollywood music and desi aesthetics, with 174.7 thousand followers. On his TikTok account, he employs his acting and dancing skills to create attention-getting videos.

On his verified account, he currently has 2.7 million likes.

  1. Ibrahim

@ibrahimm007 on TikTok

Ibrahim’s followers like him for his good looks, fashion sense, and originality. He has a wide range of content, including monologues, dialogues, and fast music.

The Pakistani TikTok user currently has 552.1 thousand followers and 9.9 million likes on his profile. Asad Anum

@anumasad’s TikTok ID

Anum’s TikTok account has 322.5k followers and 1.2 million likes. Her fans adore her for her stunning beauty and impeccable acting abilities. Her performances on several well-known Pakistani shows also helped the TikTok star acquire traction.
Visit her profile at least once if you want to locate some beautiful dialogues.
Yasir Hussain (nine)

@hussain.yasir on TikTok

Yasir Hussain is a well-known Pakistani actor, screenwriter, and host. He is also famous on the TikTok app. Islamabad is home to the well-known multi-talented artist. Yasir regularly publishes amusing stuff, ideal for passing the time during quarantine.
On TikTok, he currently has 323.7 thousand followers and 1.3 million likes.
Noor Hassan (#10)

@noorhassan17 on TikTok

Noor Hasan, a well-known Pakistani actor, model, and director, has received a lot of attention on TikTok. His stuff is hilarious and entertaining, as seen by his 768 thousand followers and 6.7 million likes on Instagram.
That concludes our list of the top 10 Pakistani TikTok celebrities who would brighten your day during the shutdown.
Have we forgotten about your favorite TikTok account? Please share your thoughts in the comments area.


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