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Tone up your body by trying these simple exercises

Tone up your body by trying these simple exercises

In this fast-paced life, people usually become ignorant of their health, which is not good. Leading a sedentary and comfortable lifestyle makes a person lethargic towards his well-being. But this is a blunder that you do to yourself. Not being serious about your health can bring major problems ahead. So it’s a wake-up call for you to show concern for your health. And it is all possible if you try out some simple exercises, that are going to be discussed in this blog. 

We used to get inspired by chiseled physiques and figures of actors and actresses. But ever wonder how much effort they make in getting the desired shape of their body? There is no alternative to hard work, and this is what these celebrities do by sweating out in a gym to keep their body in shape. So there is no point in watching the workout schedule of Hrithik Roshan or Deepika Padukone unless you start working out. 

You have to spare time for your health no matter how busy your life is. By working out you will feel the change in your mood and notice strength in your body. It is the best way out for one’s self-care. However, if you really can’t make up to hit the gym due to a short time, then no issues, as some simple exercises would help tone your body and give it a perfect shape. 

Simple exercises to tone up your body

Here are those exercises that you need to do repeatedly for 3 rounds. If it feels great for you, then add on more rounds. 

Arch up

Usually, this exercise is meant for kids, but there is nothing like that, adults can also practice it. All you have to do is lie down on your stomach, and lay both your hands aside. Now lift your head and back off the floor. After that, roll your back down slowly. If you are a beginner, then don’t push yourself hard. Once you are comfortable doing this daily, then double up your rounds. 


Squats is also one of the best simple exercises you need to practice daily. This exercise is beneficial in strengthening your core and lower body part. Besides this, squats work best on your legs and hips by making them flexible. One more added benefit of squats exercise is burning off calories, as they hit upon the largest muscles of the body. The steps to begin squats are resting on your hips back, bending your knees and pushing them out the sides a bit, and keeping your head front towards eye height and chest up. 


Like squats, Lunges exercise is also helpful in working upon the legs, by strengthening the muscles. If you are dreaming to have sexy legs and buttocks, then practice lunges exercise daily and see the result sooner. Keep both hands at your hip width, bend to your knees and lower yourself to the lunge position. Make sure your knees must be bent to 90 degrees. First, position your left leg forward with your knee bent and your foot flat on the ground. Now do it reversely, which means put your right leg forward, and left behind. 


Coming on the next is push-ups. If you want to work on your whole body, then this exercise is best to do. One must practice 3 steps at least a week. In case you are experiencing inconvenience doing actual push-ups, then begin with modified push-ups. It works upon your biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders, and back. While doing push-ups, put your both hands on the floor, your arms should be straight, place your feet behind, and lift your knees. Start slowly, and then try lifting your weight upwards and downwards. 

Abdominal Stretch

Well, it is a very simple standing exercise that targets mostly abs. The process of abdominal stretch exercise involves standing up. Lift your arms above your head, cross your fingers and do palm rotating towards the ceiling. Try reaching as high as you can with your feet remaining flat on the floor. Now slowly push your hips forwards to lengthen the frontal side of your body. Also, stretch your abs. 

High Jump

No, it is nothing to do with jumping from a high cliff, but it is a simple cardio exercise, also known as 180 jumps. This keeps your heart rate up. In this exercise, you have to stand up and jump as higher as you can. Turn around and repeat the exercise. 

Wall Push-Ups

As the name suggests, in this form of push-up exercise, you have to place your arms on the wall straight at a few distances away. Now pull yourself towards the wall with elbows and wrist straight in position. Do at least 3 sets a day. Wall push-ups are best for the chest, quads, core, glutes, triceps, and shoulders. 

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