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The Important Role of Custom Box Types

The Important Role of Custom Box Types

Choosing the right packaging for a product can affect the first impression it leaves. Because packaging serves as the primary protective function during transportation and storage, it serves two purposes: “selling” and “selling”. This guide introduces you to 4 of the most popular packaging boxes in e-commerce. We also take the time to explain other relevant details such as individual advantages and disadvantages և associated costs և environmental impact.

What are Custom boxes?

The type of e-commerce custom packaging used by e-retailers varies depending on the target product. In any case, personal packaging must be strong enough to successfully deliver the package to the customer in order to protect the trademark. These boxes are made of cardboard or different thicknesses: the strength of the paper depends on the intended use.

It is the most common type of ritual


A folding box is a fantastic solution that is lightweight and easy to pack. Sometimes called a folding box or cardboard box. Depending on the products offered, they serve as excellent marketing tools. The ability to print all text in beautiful colors creates a professional aesthetic that looks great in any shop space.

While the specific coating varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, images printed from folding boxes are often finished with a hot layer that has an “element” attached to the product along with the barrier.

Easy storage – The collapsible nature of these printed boxes means that they can usually be shipped and stored in a flat location. As a result, small businesses with limited storage space will have plenty of room to store these items. Since this type of packaging is much lighter than other packaging, folding boxes are a great choice for items that cannot be broken or opened easily. The folded box offers a very clean look, which is perfect for unnoticed leftover items that end up on store shelves or are shared on social media platforms.

The box is very strong

As the name implies, it does not break solid cases, as mentioned above. Instead, multiple layers of compressed cardboard are used to make it more flexible. This extra power comes at a high price per… device, which is why I often see luxury items packed in sturdy cases like jewelry or phones.

luxury. Customers expect a good experience from start to finish when they spend a lot of money. Having a tight fly on hand is an instant way to create a comfortable, positive environment for the product.

Extra Protection – The thick protective coating provided by the indestructible box means it is better protected than smaller folding boxes that use this type of specialized box.

Strictly custom boxes are designed for companies in the luxury category. Increased product costs ավելի high shipping costs (since these boxes do not translate shipping). If the house is expensive, it should be protected.


Think of a first-class boxing experience as a shipping box. The packaging itself offers more space as it can be folded and held on both sides. While not as thick as a traditional gearbox, it has greater structural strength.

Prime Boxing Experience – This type of box is very clean. For more cities, it’s easier to open in more depth. Happiness increases excitement to buy.

Varios versions in sizes – custom covers available in many sizes to fit most items. Heavy items that can’t be folded can be helped with one maintenance luxury.


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