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Home Health P-Shot Technique for Penile Enlargement by The Best Sexologist

P-Shot Technique for Penile Enlargement by The Best Sexologist

P-Shot Technique for Penile Enlargement by The Best Sexologist

Small penile size- every human being is aware of this susceptible yet significant sexual disorder. Yes, small penile size is considered a sexual problem as it can harm a man’s sexual life and performance in bed. Many people believe that penis size is something you are born with and can’t be changed, but it is not valid. With the help of the best sexologist in India, you can easily enhance the length of the penile region and gain back the lost confidence again. 

People who face issues like penile shrinkage or those who are unhappy with their penile size opt for Penile Enlargement treatments by considering the best sexologist in India. Techniques like P-Shot India are widely favoured to treat such issues and help people gain back the ideal penile size. 

P-Shot is a very uniquely designed Penile Enlargement technique that can painlessly idealize your knob size. Moreover, the method is empathetic and only offered at advanced clinics like IASH, India by Dr. Chirag Bhandari- the best sexologist in India. 

Dr. Chirag Bhandri is a renowned sex doctor and top sexologist in India who offers the best P-Shot treatment for men. Dr. Chirag has extensive knowledge of various other Penile Enlargement techniques and provides a variety of treatments for the same. Depending upon the preferences of the patient, he offers them one. 

Why do people go for Penile Enlargement Treatments?

   People opt for penile enlargement when they have some of the other medical issues that disturb the functioning of their penis. And those who feel that the size is not ideal to satisfy their partner in bed. And that’s when they look for ways to increase the penile length in artificial ways. But surgery is not the ultimate option for that to gain the standard size again. 

Techniques like P-Shot India will do the same work done by surgery without even going through the pain and stress. 

What is the PRP Technique used by the best Sexolgisr in India? 

P-Shot Treatment or PRP is a new and revolutionary method used by the top sexologist in India for penile enlargement. PRP mainly involves taking a Platelet-Rich Plasma from a mab’s blood and then injecting that into his penis. In short, doctors use your tissues and cells to inject into the male reproductive part to promote tissue growth. 

A study taken in the year 2017 showed that PRP treatment on men with low penile length had experienced positive results. The treatment resulted in a bigger penis size, and they were able to perform firm and rigid erection during sexual intercourse.  

Is PRP Treatment Safe?

When it comes to sexual dysfunction treatment, people get too conscious and scared. Nevertheless, they still go for the same as they want to improve their sexual performance. So for the people who are confused if PRP methods are safe for them or not, the answer is- Yes, it is secure.  

 A study taken by NCBI showed that penile cosmetic enhancement surgery is very safe. Moreover, doctors are upgrading it and making it safer to use. However, people can still face mild side effects after sitting. At those times, it is advised to consult the best sexologist in India.  

Chirag- the Best Sexologist in India for P-Shot Treatment

Being a highly advanced and complex method, PRP is effective only if you get it from the top sexologists in India like Dr. Chirag Bhandari. Dr. Chirag, as mentioned earlier, has a broad knowledge of penile enlargement methods like P-Shot. And he offers such treatments with higher success rates and lesser risks at IASH, India. Moreover, he has undergone various international training on Penile Health and Wellness that makes him an ideal choice for such surgeries in India. 

Firstly, he understands the patient’s past and current medical state that helps him know whether the person is ready to have such complex surgery. And after a proper diagnosis, he offers an ideal penile enlargement solution. A solution that gives him more success rates and zero complications in future. Dr. Chirag is the only sexologist in India that offers advanced methods like P-Shot India at IASH. 

Benefits of P-Shot Technique by Dr. Chirag Bhandari 

Some reasons make Dr. Chirag Bhandari- teh the first choice for Penile Enlargement treatments in India. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Dr. Chirag offers a wide range of Penile surgeries to help people get the ideal penis size. Depending upon their health condition, he provides the best one to them to maximize the success rates. 
  2. In addition to the first, the technologies he uses are advanced and only taken by the best piece of equipment. 
  3. All the treatments are given at affordable cost so that any person can afford them without thinking twice. 
  4. Coupled with offline treatments, Dr. Chirag also offers online consultation services for people. A person from any city, state or country can consult the best sexologist in India- Dr. Chirag. 


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