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Home Business Open Vs. Enclosed Car Transport – Which Option is Better?

Open Vs. Enclosed Car Transport – Which Option is Better?

Open Vs. Enclosed Car Transport – Which Option is Better?

The transportation mode is one of the most common factors of car transportation charges in India. When you will book a Moving company near you, your movers will ask you to choose between open car shipping and enclosed car shipping. But most people have no idea about both the transportation methods and they go with the cheapest option.

Well, the car shipping cost is not the only factor that will help you to choose the best transport option for your beloved vehicle. Instead, you should focus on the main pros and cons of both modes to know which one is actually good for you.

Before you can select the best car shipping carrier, you should know the basic difference between both modes. Then, you would know which one is better for you. In this blog, you will know what’s the difference between both the car transportation mode as well as their pros and cons. Everything will help you to know which method you should choose to ship your car.

What’s the difference between open and enclosed car shipping?

Both enclosed and open car carriers are used to transport cars from one place to another. But the main difference between these carriers is their body. According to their names, you can guess the body type of these two trailers. One is opened with no interior body but has the exterior covering while on the other hand, the enclosed trailers have a covered body.

The main difference between these two trucks or trailers is that your vehicle in an open truck will be exposed to the elements during transit. But, the enclosed trailer adds a layer of safety and ensures your vehicle is protected from all the sides.

Open car shipping carriers can accommodate 10 vehicles easily. But, this often varies according to the size, weight, and demand. Enclosed car shipping carriers cannot accommodate as many cars as open trailers. On average, these trailers can carry 2-3 cars only.

Enclosed trailers provide full safety to your vehicles and this is the reason why this is more expensive than open car shipping.

Now, as you have known the basic difference between open and enclosed car shipping carriers, let’s discuss the pros and cons of both the transportation modes to know which one is better.

Pros and Cons Enclosed Vs. Open Car Shipping

To know which process is better for you to transport your car safely from one city to another is to consider the pros and cons of both open and enclosed car shipping carriers.

Pros and cons of enclosed car shipping

An enclosed car shipping provides full safety to your vehicle during transit. Due to this, it’s an expensive method and usually takes time to transport the car.


  • Prevents the vehicle from potential damages that may be caused by road debris and bad weather.
  • Provides complete safety and protection during transportation.


  • Costs double the amount of open car shipping.
  • Takes a longer time to transport.

Pros and cons of open car shipping

A majority of people opted for open car shipping. But, you may worry about your vehicle being exposed to elements of bad weather or dust. You may receive your car in a dirty condition because an open carrier doesn’t protect your four-wheeler from debris or dirt.


  • Less expensive and faster.
  • You can book it at your preferred time and date.


  • Do not provide complete safety against dirt and bad weather conditions.
  • Less protective for transporting expensive vehicles.

How much does open and enclosed auto transport cost?

The cost of car transportation services in India varies from one company to another. There are several reasons behind the price variation. It could be anything from the size of your vehicle to the distance between the source and the destination. And, the main factor is the transportation mode that we have already discussed.

In general, car transportation charges range from Rs. 5,000 – Rs. 40,000 according to the distance to be covered and the mode of transportation. One of the main factors that affect car shipping charges is the weight or size of your vehicle. Car transport companies will examine your vehicle to determine the car shipping cost. The car’s weight, size, and the condition of your car, everything will affect car transportation charges. If your only concern is the car shifting cost then you can simply opt for open auto transport.

Which one is better?

We have now understood the basic difference between open and enclosed car shipping. Even though open car shipping is the cheapest option yet it’s not always the best option for you.

You can decide based on the distance to be covered and the value of your car. If it’s not too expensive and you are not moving it too far then open car shipping is the best option for you. However, if you don’t want to risk damaging your car during the transit then go with the enclosed car shipping option.

In Conclusion

Although we have seen the merits and demerits of open vs closed car transportation yet they are meaningless if you haven’t approached the right and reliable transport agency. Make sure you have hired the right car transport company in your city. If unsure about their authenticity, then check customer ratings and reviews.


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