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MBC2030: Why We’re the Funniest and Most Entertaining Show on TV


MBC2030 is one of the funniest and most entertaining shows on TV, according to its viewers. We recently conducted a survey to find out what viewers love about the show, and why they think it’s the funniest on TV. Here are some of their answers!

Here’s Our Pitch

If you haven’t seen MBC2030, then you’ve already failed in your duty as a citizen of Earth. And that’s OK because it’s never too late to begin enjoying your life—but don’t say we didn’t warn you. From its first scene to its last (which I’m not giving away here), MBC2030 is funny! No, I mean it’s really funny! Not funny-ha-ha or ha-ha or even laugh out loud funny, but giggle-in-your seat funny. So why are we so excited about our show? Because MBC2030 is more than just an entertainment property; it’s a technology platform for laughing your ass off. Here are just a few of our killer features.

Does This Sound Like You?

If you’re thinking about being a part of MBC2030 but you want to know if you’ll enjoy it, well, there’s an easy way to find out: Check your sense of humor at the door. If we can make fun of ourselves as artists, writers, directors, producers, storyboarders – heck! Even if we think it might sound mean or insulting (or true!) – then chances are that humor will translate well into MBC2030 jokes. It’s all in good fun – we like making people laugh and want our viewers to enjoy a funny show. What better way to do that than with our own brand of self-deprecating humor?

Do You Know People Like Us?

We’ve been called the funniest show on television, the next great revolution in comedy, and our humor has even been described as nothing short of spectacular. Even so, a lot of people don’t know much about us or what we do. They also don’t know why we make such great television. That’s what I’m here to change. Yes, we are funny, but there’s more to it than that – it goes deeper than laughter; it goes beyond what a simple sit-com can provide. It’s hard to explain until you’ve seen it for yourself (and please watch MBC2030.

Now For The Good Stuff…What Will People Like About MBC2030?

What’s great about MBC2030 is that we are funny, self-deprecating, and (mostly) shameless. As a viewer, you don’t have to worry about feeling guilty for laughing at a fat joke or watching our show while eating—the whole thing is really just one big joke after another. Our team includes some of New York’s best comedians as well as improv artists who make their living making us laugh every night of their lives. And we plan to bring all of that humor to you in MBC2030—or die trying…literally…if Comedy Central has anything to say about it. Come check out our sketches and find out what makes us so different from everything else on TV today!

And How Will They Find Out About It?

This season, we’re really stepping up our marketing game. Here’s a few of our tricks to help spread word about what might just be your new favorite show. 1) Join us live in studio! MBC2030 comes to your town weekly (details below). The whole show is filmed live, which means you’ll have a chance to enjoy it immediately without having to wait for reruns or fast-forward through commercials. The best part?

How Can I Be Involved?

MBC2030 is a show like no other. If you want to be able to watch fun, exciting, and entertaining television then we have just what you’re looking for. One of our biggest shows that is sure to keep you coming back is How Can I Be Involved? Every week there will be a new celebrity who will appear on our show and do anything that you ask them too! That might sound odd at first but we guarantee that by watching How Can I Be Involved?, you won’t think of it as odd in any way shape or form. However if watching a comedian interview celebrities sounds more your speed we have that too!

What’s Up With The Nicknames?

It’s common knowledge that many reality-show casts have unusual nicknames bestowed upon them. They can be randomly assigned by a producer, but are more often given by the cast themselves. Because MBC2030 features a dozen people who don’t know each other before being thrown together in an isolated area, it was natural for them to create nicknames for one another. And with so many names floating around, it can be confusing trying to keep track of which ones go with which person. The show’s host helps simplify things by referring to everyone as their nicknames during interviews, introductions, and activities. Keep up with who’s who by reading about some of MBC2030’s most memorable characters!

(The Tagline) But First…A History Lesson.

MBC2030 debuted in 1987 as MBC’s flagship variety show. With its famous catchphrase, But First…A History Lesson, it became Korea’s first hit comedy program. The core cast members—Jung Jun-ha, Cha Tae-hyun, Kim Joon-ho, Kim Jun-suk—showed off their incredible chemistry from day one, an energy that continues to shine through today. Here are some of our favorite moments from over 25 years of MBS history! The Is It? Game: For decades, MBC has been home to some of Korea’s most beloved stars. One great way we’ve stayed connected with viewers is by having celebrities play Is It? games with us. This is a chance for them to showcase both their knowledge and wit. Here are a few of our favorites!

If you haven’t seen all these clips yet, make sure you tune into MBC every Friday at 9PM KST for all new episodes of MBC2030! We’ll be back next week with another installment!


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