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Easy Ideas to Redraft Your Bathroom That will be Everywhere in 2022

Easy Ideas to Redraft Your Bathroom That will be Everywhere in 2022

Optimizing your Bathroom: Here are 13 Exclusive Bathroom Trends That Will Hit the Headlines in San Jose.
Your bathroom may not seem like the most desired destination in your home to try out new trends. However, it is more than justified if you want to give your bathroom a makeover in 2022. Because of the typical space crunch, it’s a simple upgrade that should be on your wish list.

San Jose remodeling by Esperto Builders has diligently worked with designers to compile a list of the choicest 13-bathroom remodeling trends that are sure to become popular this year. Whether you’re looking to make a minor upgrade or an entire rebuild, you’ll want to read these expert suggestions below:

1. More Inviting Colors like Beige

Our experts in San Jose say that pleasant colors like beige, brown, wood tones and terracotta are trending this year. There will be no more grey cabinets or grey walls. Homeowners now believe that grey will evolve into a color that is used sparingly, and beige will become a new sensation.

2. Qualities that are Plain, Appealing, and Lasting

Those who are drawn to fascinating textures will be pleased to learn that they are not alone. Our architects have predicted that bathroom styling will be more popular by 2022. Just keep in mind that getting things in the right place can necessitate some professional help from us. Right now, handcrafted cabinets are the only way to get it, but Esperto Builders will catch up and come up with more unique ideas.

3. Fun Patterns

Our professionals predict that all-white bathrooms will no more be popular among homeowners. A small bathroom seems to be the ideal place to go bold with a bright color or a colorful pattern. With the rapid growth of online e-commerce options for peel-and-stick wallpaper, it’s faster than ever for homeowners to personalize their walls.

4. Fun-Filled Furniture

Nowadays, homeowners prefer older dresser vanities, upholstered chairs, and tub side tables. They provide warmth while urging you to slow down, relax, and take a bit more time for self-comfort in your bathroom.

5. DIY Accents

Homeowners are starting to DIY fluted elements in their bathrooms. Those who don’t want to put wallpaper may like to try to add a tiny mural in the bathroom. Even a hand-painted pattern ideally matches their bathroom ambiance.

6. Fabrics and Textiles in Bold Colors

Color doesn’t have to be confined to the walls and cabinets in the bathroom. Our experts predict that this tendency will manifest itself in fabrics as well. Instead of neutral fabrics, rich paints, and broad old rugs for window treatments with delicate textiles will bring warmth in 2022.

7. Shower-Bath Combination

In 2022, the two-in-one shower and bath combination has surfaced and will be immensely popular. Homeowners choose to have a showerhead and a bathtub behind a glass barrier rather than having one over the other. It’s the kind of bathroom renovation that gives the perfect blend to people who love routine showers and periodic baths.

8. Combination of Twin Shower heads

The eye-catching design of twin showerheads boosts functionality by allowing two people to wash at the same time. It’s one of the most user-friendly and inviting bathroom remodeling options this year.

9. Matte Black Fixtures and Fittings

Decorative silver and brass fixtures were more dominating interior design trends in the past. However, modern homeowners these days have preferred matte black fixtures to decorate their bathrooms. These include components like showerheads, faucets, doorknobs, large format tiles, lighting fixtures, and so on.

10. Addition of Wet Rooms

In 2022, homeowners are choosing wet rooms rather than splitting the bathroom into compartments for the toilet and shower. These are fully tiled shower rooms with built-in drains and showerheads that are mounted on the walls or ceiling. It’s the perfect solution for homeowners who don’t have enough space in their powder room to include a shower or bath.

11. Organic Concepts

Using organic materials throughout your bathroom space is a feature of the spa-like bathroom trend. Subway tiles for the walls or floors, white marble worktops, and potted plants are a popular addition in this style. The primary color scheme can be white, with earthy tones for accents.

12. Spa-Like Attributes

Spa-like elements have become popular bathroom remodel trends as homeowners spend more time at home. Homeowners typically renovate rooms to make them feel open, light, and airy to create a relaxing and serene environment. You may add whirlpool tubs, heated floors, steam showers, and heated towel racks in your spa-like bathrooms. It is apart from aesthetic modifications.

13. Collection of Live Plants

The organic and spa-like trends of 2022 correspond with the use of pampas grass and houseplants in bathrooms. Live plants will not only relieve stress and depression, but they will also help enhance the air quality in your home. The trend can range from a couple of plant accents to a full-fledged biophilic design.


One expects that these trendy and contemporary bathroom ideas will dominate the minds of several homeowners residing in San Jose. Esparto Builders offer personalized evaluation and high-quality expertise to meet clients’ expectations. You may contact us to know more about the entire home renovation, including the latest bathroom remodeling trends.


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