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Custom Design coffin

Custom Design coffin

Do whatever it takes not to see an arrangement in our stock? We can make an extraordinarily created casket head board insert with your subtleties! Uniquely made and your specific size. You let us know what you’re looking for and our fashioners will move to work on giving you a proof to review before creation to guarantee it’s really like you imagined. Each cap board is unequivocally assessed and made especially for your casket. The cap board is impeccably estimated and easily situated into the final resting place. You are altered with your submitted photo and 3 lines of your uncommon text.

See: Rest Well Caskets

Our delightful casket head board is made with outright scrupulousness and encompassed by peach skin material for a fragile and dynamic culmination. Easy to bring into your revered one’s casket and conveys a truly custom show. The board can be kept in the casket at the internment or killed and kept with the family an unending length of time trinket.

An extraordinarily planned head board makes a massive difference and we have all of the parts of any casket brand. Passed on to you in unrivaled quality, our solid final resting place head sheets will make a modified and re-tried point of convergence for your casket or burning administrations.


The things considered while redoing coffins now-a-days include:

• Appliques. A fundamental yet significant depiction of something crucial to the withdrew is displayed on the internment vault in a level applique.

• Internment Vault Symbols. These pictures are delivered utilizing copper, bronze, or tempered steel and can be carefully added to the internment vault. Choices consolidate depictions of military help, severe pictures, and other redid decisions.

• Custom Prints. Family pictures can be chosen to make a game plan that shows the shocking presence of the individual being regarded for a last graveside memory of that person during the high places of their life’s cycle.

• Material Carapace. This wonderful decision grants friends and family to form continue to go messages and considerations on the most elevated place of the internment vault. This is a brilliant strategy for helping mourners with sharing their thoughts and despairing during the graveside organization.

• Memorialization notwithstanding Case. The case passes an individual informed on to the left and an ID scroll. It is uncommonly taken care of inside the internment vault.

Choices to look over in RestWellCaskets:

  1. Inside Plan Texture TYPE


2. Inside Plan Texture Tone


3. Inside Plan HEAD Board


4. Outside TOP Tones

Almond, Water, Dark, Blue Dull, Blue Light, Bronze, Coppertone, Gold, Green Tracker, Gunmetal, Maroon, Orange, Orchid, Pink, Purple Imperial, Red, Silver, White, Yellow Splendid, Yellow Delicate

5. Outside Center Tones

Almond, Water, Dark, Blue Dull, Blue Light, Bronze, Coppertone, Gold, Green Tracker, Gunmetal, Maroon, Orange, Orchid, Pink, Purple Imperial, Red, Silver, White, Yellow Splendid, Yellow Delicate

6. Outside Base Tone

Almond, Water, Dark, Blue Dull, Blue Light, Bronze, Coppertone, Gold, Green Tracker, Gunmetal, Maroon, Orange, Orchid, Pink, Purple Regal, Red, Silver, White, Yellow Splendid, Yellow Delicate

7. Equipment TYPE Tone


8. Equipment TYPE STYLE

Fixed BAR Fundamental, Fixed BAR Also, SWING BAR


18 Measure STEEL, 20 Check STEEL


Custom final resting place setup has gained in commonness over continuous years. Furthermore, it’s at this point not simply an opportunities for the rich and famous. Rather than picking a direct, standard casket for internment, numerous people are finding that they should pick a last resting place that better tends to their life and character.

Final resting places today can be planned to the specific of the family members. Some of the time, people who are getting ready for their own commemoration administration like to have some control over the way that the final resting place looks, down to the arrangement of the surface inside. You can pick a casket formed in the standard way, but with your own unique plans and assortments. You could moreover pick a custom casket that is attempted to seem to be a fundamental thing to you. For instance, you could pick something that tends to your main recreation movement, calling, or an insightful reference.

A custom casket gives you and your family a technique for tweaking the experience for your wake and remembrance administration, and your last resting place.

Custom final resting places give an astounding way to family members to regard the left person’s memory all through the wake and commemoration administration. They are striking to the individual and conveys their personality and style to their last goodbyes.

Elite Lite – Cherry veneer Wood Casket 

Five star Lite final resting place is a perfectly great cherry veneer wood with a significant, glimmering finish. The totally lined, ivory-shaded velvet inside immaculately supplements the rich outside tone. This imperishable show-stopper, standard casket features areas of strength for two handles on either side. This casket is made from the best materials and components brilliant craftsmanship all through its arrangement. This final resting place can be used for burning. Gets into standard cemetery burial vaults.

See: Elite Lite – Cherry veneer Wood Casket 


• Reflexive, cherry finishing

• Cherry exterior wood

• Ivory velvet inside

• Half love seat

• Can be used for both, burning and internment


This commemoration administration final resting place is hand-made of the cherry exterior in the brilliant wrap up with ivory velvet inside with outside width of 28.5″ which is the right size to get into the vault in the memorial park to use this burning casket for internment.

This astounding casket is worked of Cherry Wood Laminate in beautiful dull cherry serious sparkle finish. Rich and engaging plans consolidate obvious master made nuances.

All that timber is inspected FAS or better and picked for extraordinary quality, assortment, and grain. Made with precise craftsmanship, each final resting place ought to pass a 10-direct quality control evaluation to guarantee your satisfaction. Fits effectively in standard-size internment vaults.


The Elite Lite Cherry Wood Casket is created utilizing areas of strength for premium wood. The qualification cleaned finish lauds the ivory holder wind around inside.


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