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A Look At Some Signs Indicating Roof Damage

A Look At Some Signs Indicating Roof Damage

Know about certain developments that speak of damage to the roof that is covering your home and understand what can be done.
The roof of the home is a vital cover that protects the living space from the wrath of nature. Everyone realizes the importance of a roof for the home, but sadly the structure is often neglected. It is because the roof is doing its job and protecting the living space from being directly exposed to nature. It is located at an altitude and does not interfere with everyday life. Hence, the structure faces neglect, but that should never be so. It is bearing brunt of nature and hell could break loose, if natural elements have been able to penetrate it. A simple leak from the roof on a rainy day will create mayhem inside the living space. Therefore, you must care for the roof and one of the aspects will be to understand the signs of roof damage. It is only then that you can take prompt repair action.

What are the internal signs indicating that your roof needs repair?

There are plenty of signs that state your roof may need repair. They can broadly be classified as interior and exterior signs. Here are some interior signs that speak of roof damage.

· There could be signs of water intrusion into the building and that is dangerous. If there are damp signs on the walls then it is a cause of worry. You are certainly dealing with a leaky roof and it could also lead to structural problems for the building.

· At times after storms, you could take a ladder and climb up the attic space. This space will give indications if there has been any damage to the roof due to adverse weather.

· On fine weather days, you might see outside light from inside the building and that is again a sign of some damage caused to the roof. This is another indication of a gap created due to missing shingles and you must get a professional check.

Some exteriors sign that indicates roof damage

There could always be some exterior signs that speak of damage to the roof of the home. Here is what you need to check out from the exterior.

1. A check on the shingles is always necessary and some of them could be completely missing. That is the easier part because you know that those will have to be replaced. However, the key will be to identify loose shingles and for that, there is a need to conduct a professional check.

2. Is the roof of the home sagging? One must certainly examine the roof for dropping and sagging signs.

3. One can always have the roof checked for mold, fungus and these could develop at the shady corners of the roof.

Is there a need to repair the roof or replace it?

Once you have a proper understanding of the roof damages, this is the confusion that might persist. The answer is simply that for major roof damages and if they are more frequently occurring, it is better to go for a replacement. For smaller damages, one can resort to roof repairs.

Understand the importance of roof inspections

The key here will be to catch the damage at an early stage and at that moment, the repairs should be negligible. This is only possible if you can conduct regular roof inspections and one can book a service with West Hollywood Carmine Roofing company. They will conduct the necessary inspection of your roof and check for signs of damage.


Here we have discussed extensively various roofing problems and gave insights into the signs that speak of damage to your roof. The key will be to conduct regular inspections and identify the damage early. It should now be easy to conduct the necessary repairs.


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