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A Few Precious Tips to Help You Get Better at Roof Repairs

A Few Precious Tips to Help You Get Better at Roof Repairs

Learn the Roof repairing process in quick and simple steps.
Periodical roof servicing makes your home safe and appealing. An asphalt roof has a 15 to 18-year average lifespan. Your roof may be damaged by high winds and hail, as well as other frequent roofing issues like broken shingles or tree damage. It does not, however, mean that you must replace the existing roof. Any repair or replacement entirely depends on the extent of damage your roof has encountered.

When assessing and repairing your roof at Westlake Village, Jenkins Roofing does its best to deal with every minute aspect. We inspect each shingle to verify whether it is going to fall off and to see how well it can withstand adverse weather. If something appears to be wrong, our extensive knowledge allows us to resolve the problem on time.

How to repair your roof

During its lifetime, a roof will endure natural wear and tear. You may avoid significant structural damage to your home by undertaking roof repair and maintenance. However, the repairs should be better left to the pros like us. Composite or rubber roofs, metal roofs, slate, and wood all require specialized tools and skills. Therefore, it’s best to engage a professional, such as Roofing Service by Jenkins Roofing to conduct those repairs.

Have an expert inspect your roof before you start any repairs. It will assist you in determining whether the decking has been damaged. It’s more cost-effective to rebuild the entire roof if the condition is serious.


· Asphalt shingles

· Shingle/Roof cement

· Cement glue

· Ladder

· Roof jack and harness

· Toolbelt

· Hammer

· Shingle ripper

Safety Tips

· Never work on a roof by yourself. It’s teamwork by professionals like us.

· The repair crew should wear the appropriate safety equipment to avoid injury and keep the tools close at hand to avoid unusual body movements.

· When climbing up, the experts must use a secure, robust ladder and have a helper protect the ladder at the bottom.

What are Roof Repairing Steps the Experts Initiate?

· Area Inspection: The first task for us is to do a roof inspection. We will need to figure out where the leak is coming from if the place is leaking. In several cases, it’s on the opposite side of where your leakage shows up. It’s due to the ability of the seepage to travel long by sliding sideways.

· Securing the Premises: During the repairs, a lot of dirt and debris may accumulate on the side of your house. We may use a protective tarp in some places to avoid this. We also engage a dumpster to dispose of waste.

· Starting the Repairs: The repairs can now be started. We will need to take the appropriate strategies depending on the nature of your roofing problem. If the flashing is damaged, our technicians will repair it with a better alternative.

We will also replace any malfunctioning vent boots and tar any damaged sealant. We might also caulk the region near the boot to prevent leakage. When shingles are damaged or missing, our professionals usually replace them with new ones. We choose shingles meticulously that complement your current ones for the best possible outcomes.

If your roof deck has is severely damaged, the replacement process becomes slightly more complex. We will need to reframe the structure and add an underlayment, sheathing layer, and shingles, among other things.

The next step is to check for openings in the sheathing and underlayment. Similarly, we undertake to repair a shattered roof decking. Our experts replace each component after removing any rotten section and the shingles and underlayment.

· Clearing the Debris: Cleaning up is the last step in the process. However, roofers like us first evaluate the area of operation to guarantee that the roof structure has been properly repaired or replaced. We then remove the protective tarp, lift the tools, and provide you with a fully functioning roof to your satisfaction.


A few Westlake Village homeowners opt to repair their roofs themselves. They are attempting to save money, yet they end up causing more harm than gaining something positive. Furthermore, they frequently suffer from major injuries. Therefore, the task should be left to the top professional roofers like us. If you insist, we can inspect your premises and suggest the needful.


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